Thursday, April 19, 2012

Detik itu telah berlalu pergi tanpa sempat ku ucapkan sesuatu yang ingin kuluahkan.Dua hari berlalu pergi  dengan sendirinya.Sometimes people who don't talk to you are the ones who really want to!!I want you know that I wish you will get better soon.There's nothing I could say to make my brain stop thinking about you.What we want to sometimes we cant get it.Sometimes people who love you is who are not saying she love you because she scare that you will far from her.And when she lose from your sight,you will know how deep you love her and she's are the ones you want to find.
Apa korang akan buat bila orang yang korang suka turned down korang?(saje tnye)
Korang sedih..????
Tapi kan korang x patut sedey ar sebab the ones yang tinggalkan korang sebenarnya teramat rugi sebab tinggalkan orang yang betul-betul sayang kan dia..
Asal tibe-tibe nisha jadi macam ni =,=
Tapi kan betul ape nisha cakap dia lagi rugi sebab dia tinggalkan orang yang betul-betul ambil berat pasal dia!!
So you shouldn't cry because of him/her.!!-membazir air mata je :'(
Sometimes  people just don't understand..I hate to see the one I love with somebody,but I surely hate to see the one I love unhappy with me.When its clear that he doesn't feel the same way for me,problem is I can't force him to love me but I can't force myself to stop loving him.
P/S:It may take only a minute  to like someone,only an hour to crush on someone and only a day to love someone but it will take a lifetime to forget someone..

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