Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my school holiday

During school holiday, we went to Kuala Lumpur. We go to KLCC and National Science Centre..there were many people...so busy....but i get many information...n i think i want to go there in next school holiday...it has go superb...i like it...if i have  time in next time holiday,i want to go to kelantan ...to meet my friends..if my family can't go there i want to go there  with bus....i can't go now because i am busy with study n drama....insyaAllah one day i go there...AMIN

The person i hate

There is a person.She likes to make me upset.She lie about the stuff borrow from me.Actually ,the stuff is at her now but she said she do not have the stuff so i just shut up..although i know the stuff at her.... I very hate her.But now she has move from where i school now...i don't know why she always take my stuff without my permission...but i had forgive her..i dont want to hate to other person..if we hate someone ,someone will hate me .......


Last month,I did my english presentation .It is mainly about my family tree.I presented my maternal family .I present it on Tuesday.While I was talking about my family,my english teacher recorded it.I was very nervous that time.Eyes are watching me everywhere.But I think I did great. ...this post is actually in 2010...i copy from my old blog...so sorry....because i don't have more time to finish this blog...i don't have idea..so i just copy n paste......


I have a favourite teacher in primary school... and her name is Zunaida Binti Ahmad.She teaches science and mathematics.She is kind person.She is responsible and always take care of her pupil. she teaches at sk simpang empat....what she tell me all  in my head..i still remember what she told me before though i form2 now..i very love  her...she likes my mother..


At last! My blog is finished! Thanks to Ms. for giving me this task. If not, I won't be able to write blog and I'll stay in my space not knowing anything. Thank You everyone that help me with this task!!!


Last month,my sister got a new laptop.You know she slept at 6;00 a.m. You think she......? i think she very crazy...like don't play laptop...zzzz..like orang asli...orang asli is more than okay...hahaha...my sister level same as orang utan....hahaha..me is bad sister right???hahaha...if she read this i confirm she will cut my head..hahaha....