Tuesday, May 31, 2011

   today,i go to school to practise drama like always... people who don't come is ammar,syafiqrul,aiman n hanis...ammar said he sick...while hanis went to mallaca...syafiqrul because his house is far from school...n aiman i don't know.....something happen today...we all waste time practise drama because when miss mahani read the letter that content the rules n whatever to enter the competition...you know what??the most stupid thing we must take vote for the topic....n also the most stupid thing is all the topic for  the drama is very   very boring.....that is flipping fantastic,one is one and all alone,rumpelstiltskin,n black beauty...quite okay is rumpelstiltskin...one is one and all alone is about clone(very boring),flipping fantastic is about 2 brother....black beauty is about horse..who  will be the horse..crazy right??miss mahani had call the principle of smk raja shahriman,people who is decided the topic....but he talk back to miss..."you talk so more until i can't talk back"...huhh!!miss ask him how if we take other topic that is not include in the topic that it gave...he said we will meeting after the school holidy...wtf..after school holiday???the date of the competition is 29 june n they want to discuss about it after school holiday...argh..soooo bad...whats more we have to practise only 3  weeks...huhh!!

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